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 Mendocino Coast Clinics

Mendocino Coast Clinics

The Mendocino Coast Clinics was in need of a site that provides information on the Clinic and showcases their main annual fundraiser, the Crab & Wine Festival. The site is maintained in-house through a content management system which includes uploading and embedding video files to YouTube and management of payment and donation buttons through PayPal. In addition, the site is accessible via mobile phones. Email campaigns in the form of newsletters and promotions/announcements were created and are managed through Constant Contact and Donor Perfect.

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Cynthia Copenhagen is a miracle worker! She took the jumbled mess of what I needed and wanted from my brain and transformed it into a beautiful, effective and efficient website! Her second miracle was that she easily taught my technically deficient brain how to update the website. And a major miracle is that she did all this at a price that Mendocino Coast Clinics could afford! It is my pleasure to recommend Cynthia Copenhagen and CGC Website Designs to you and call me for more rave reviews. Marianne McGee, MA, Resource Development Director, Mendocino Coast Clinics
Today I received a call from a Crab & Wine supporter wanting their logo & link on the MCC site now! Although their gift had yet to be received, their promise had. With Cynthia's hands-on training & content management system in place, I was able to respond immediately. Following her instructions, the supporter's name was added, logo inserted & link created ...all by myself!! I am just thrilled! Keeping contributors happy is imperative to fundraising, and the ability to do so in such a timely manner is priceless. Thank you, Cynthia, for making it possible to efficiently & effectively thank our supporters! Tawny MacMillan, Event Coordinator, Mendocino Coast Clinics' Crab & Wine Days