Web Design Tips

Good web design begins with good planning. The quality of your website reflects the quality of your planning.

Good web design is...

  • clear presentation of your product or service geared to your specific market
  • eye-catching design that is attractive and pleasing
  • information that can be easily located on each page
  • typography that lends to the visual hierarchy of each page
  • cleverly written copy that has been proofread, spell checked and edited
  • web pages that load quickly
  • organized information hierarchy
  • information that can be easily located throughout the site
  • thoughtfully constructed navigation
  • no broken links
  • correctly functioning forms and programs
  • a customized 404 error page
  • easily promotable due to search engine optimization
  • tailored to mobile devices of varying sizes in addition to a computer monitor
  • clean, well documented code for ease of future maintenance
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